The Skaneateles Democratic Committee holds monthly meetings.

For information contact Alan Johnson at 917-769-8512.

Officers and Members of the Skaneateles Democratic Committee:

Alan Johnson, Chair

Ralph DeMasi, Vice Chair

Gail VanderLinde, Secretary

Sherill Ketchum, Treasurer


District Representatives

District 1

Dave Ketchum

Sherill Ketchum

District 2

Jim Williams

Susan Scheuerman

District 3

Alan Johnson

John Stith

District 4

Anne Emperor

Mary Sennett

District 5

David Palen

William Volcko

District 6 

Judith Timmins

Michael Timmins

District 7 

Susan McCurn Byrne

Gail VanderLinde

District 8

Anne Fairbanks

Ralph DeMasi